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There is a treasure trove of information and resources to enhance your JBQ ministry. Check out the links below to find all you will need!

JBQ Information

  • National Junior Bible Quiz
    This is the official national website for the National Junior Bible Quiz ministry. Purchase JBQ materials and learn about the Bible Master Program.
  • Bible Master Award Program
    As your quizzers learn the material from the Fact-Pak, make sure you test them so they can earn their Seals.

JBQ Resources

  • Purchase Bible Fact-Pak materials
    Get your official Fact-Pak here! Whether it's the Study Guide, the Fact-Pak cards, an audio CD, or the Question Set Generator - find it all here!
  • Bible Master Award Pins
    Award your quizzers who have earned one of the Seals with a pin they can wear on their team shirt.
  • Official Guidelines
    Now available as a free download. Print as many as you need.
  • Score sheet for meets
    Download this score sheet and print as many copies as you need.
  • Kentucky Online Officials Certification Test
    Officials in the North Texas District must pass this certification test every other year. You will need to contact your area coordinator for the username and password.
  • Paper-and-Pencil Test
    This is a short but very effective way of testing your knowledge of the current guidelines. You will need to contact your Area Coordinator for the answer key.

District Finals - SCORES!

boy with trophy boy with trophy boy with trophy

March 30, 2019
Trinity Church
Cedar Hill, Texas

Which North Texas District church took the top two spots at this year's District Finals?  And which of those teams is heading for National Finals in June?  Even more important - how did YOUR team do at the 2019 District Championship?  You've got the questions; we've got the answers!  Head on over to the District Finals website to find out.

Check out the scores!

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